Q&A What Advice Do You Have for Balancing Recovery and Wanting to Be Joyful and Present at the Same Time?

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I am 8 months past D-Day and have 3 kids. We completed EMS Online and I am now doing Harboring Hope. I am trying so hard to do what is necessary for my healing and reclaiming my self-confidence, but it is so difficult with the constant enmeshment that parenting 3 very young kids makes so easy to do, not to mention the lack of sleep. My husband is doing literally everything he can to help but I am at home with the kids for the first time and find myself getting so easily triggered and having a way shorter fuse than I've ever had. What advice do you have for balancing your recovery with wanting to be present and joyful for them at the same time? And for encouraging your husband's recovery when he is overworking himself and trying to help with the kids and doesn't seem able to prioritize? Also, I wonder if you have any words of comfort or advice when it comes to my feelings of loss about what is likely my last pregnancy and infancy being forever tarnished by my husband's infidelity?



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