Q&A What Attracts a Younger Man to an Older, Unattractive Woman?

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What attracts a younger man to an older, unattractive woman?



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Abusive Older Women

Thank you! This is exactly the story I needed to hear tonight. It is bringing up my compassion for him. It is exactly what has happen to my husband. She was the Mrs. Robinson of his youth and is now the affair of his midlife. She pursued him both times. All the while she stays married to the same man and has given up no parts of her life for him- he is giving up everything for her. She is a serial cheater and lies to him- also easily can get upset with him- and none of this matter though And all that matter are the feelings. Its like watching a bad movie.

A person who knew her back in the day says she is a total narcissist. Narcissists are deeply hurting people. I try to remember its not fun, peaceful, or joyful to be her in life. Hurting people hurt others.

Prior to this he was the best man I knew and I loved being married to him. He would have done anything for me.
Its so sad that by association with her- he has become a person I dont even know. The character change is unreal.

If you read this, please pray for his clarity. And if you are reading this- know I am praying for you. For a lot of us whether cheater or betrayed never ever we thought we would be here! I do believe that this type of crisis is one of the worse but if fully embraced and learned from it- brings about way better people and marriages.

I take my pain- I feel it- I process by talking, writing , and praying. I remember to be thankful for all the other amazing people and things in my life.
Send your pain back to its source with blessing along the way for 9 times out of 10 if we truly understood the reasons behind the acting out- they would break your heart. We are all enough. And true happiness comes from making choices we are proud of- even if they are tough to make. And believe me- the right things in life almost always are harder to do- but so worth while when you complete them.

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