Q&A What Can I or Should I Do With the Thoughts in My Head?

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I often feel shut out if I try to talk to her about these issues and the people I mentioned is the only place I can turn to help me process my thoughts. She said she was raised in a home where you do not talk about your struggles and these were reinforced in church. For example, 2 years into our marriage and before my infidelity, I begged for us to seek periodic counseling from our pastor or trusted married mentor couple as a sort of preventative maintenance of our marriage. I knew we did not have all the tools for marriage as a young couple and felt we needed mentoring. They say if the person I am talking to is in my head, I am talking to the wrong person. Fourteen years into our marriage I am still struggling with this regret and believe we might not be in this infidelity crisis. Nonetheless, I take responsibility for my actions and the infidelity. She has completed Harboring Hope, I have completed Hope for Healing and we are now enrolled in EMS Online. Much appreciation if the AR team can help me process this constant regret.



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