Q&A What Can We Do About Nosey Siblings and Holiday Tension?

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My unfaithful spouse's sisters gush over him at every family event and often pull him aside for private talks in a separate room during these gatherings. Typically they gossip about family members or complain bitterly about their own spouses, which make my husband very uncomfortable. They know we're having "marital problems" and now they show even more concern than ever about how their "poor" brother is doing. Given our current situation, their over-the-top affection and back-room gossiping is really, really, really hard for me to take. With me they are friendly, but nosy and opinionated about our lives. When my husband stopped drinking for 10 years, they challenged him about it at every family event. Really, Is that true? No, can't be true! He never came clean to them about his DUI and long history of drinking problems/drunk driving, so they were left to think that I am some kind of tee-totaling shrew. Is there anything my husband or I can do to make this situation more tolerable for both of us as we go into the holidays? I certainly don't want to make anything worse, but falsehoods grow in an information vacuum.



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