Q&A What Do You Do for the Wayward Spouse's Trauma?

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We are in week 11 of EMS Online and three months post disclosure. We are making good progress and my husband is truly remorseful, regretful, and sorry for his affair. I have every faith that he is being completely honest and realized early on that he has been the victim of a very manipulative affair partner who exercised coercion, emotional, and direct blackmail from an early stage. I believe he has been traumatized by the whole experience but he is reluctant to even address this concentrating instead on my healing process as a priority. We can find no material or advice for trauma for the unfaithful spouse and I wonder if it is common for this subject to be overlooked or dismissed as less important? The whole experience has had a profound impact on him in terms of stress and fear and I really feel this needs to be addressed so he too can heal.



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