Q&A Why Does He Continually Want Her and Not Me?

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Hi Rick, I am a betrayed wife. I'm having severe difficulty getting past the fact that my husband's sex drive is very low. He had a 2 year affair with a 32 yr old and he is 57. We have been married for 39 yrs. He had a very high sex drive with his AP. Our sex life was almost nonexistent for about a year before D-Day. My sex drive has increased tremendously after D-day. It hurts like hell that my husband's sex drive with his AP was so very high but his sex drive with me, his God given wife, is almost nonexistent. D-day was 14 months ago. He had a relapse a month ago of just meeting up with his AP and told her he wanted to hug her and squeeze her tight. He claims this was just a friendly gesture, nothing sexual, which I don't believe. Meeting was supposedly only 5 mins. AP contacted me to inform me of the meeting and about notes he left on her car (I monitor calls & text). How do I get past this horrific pain that his desire for sex with his AP was so great but almost no desire for sex with me. We attended EMS this past September. He has always been "caught" in all disclosures. Never volunteered any "truths" until "caught".



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