Q&A Why Is My Unfaithful Mate So Selfish?

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My husband was the unfaithful, I believe he is a sex addict, he doesn't. It's 4 years post D-Day and it still feels fresh, because he's never done work for himself. He always turns it around to me, if I work on the marriage, if I don't get angry or be upset for his passive aggressiveness. Anytime there is an issue, he makes it about me. I feel like his mom, and his immaturity is so tiring. Remind him to do things, to put others first, to respect others etc. He takes it his anger on our dog, by yelling or hitting him, then blame the dog. I'm tired of his inability to accept responsibility. I believe he is narcissistic, and always seeks attention. He wants to be known for all the good he does, but if you call him out on something negative, he gets aggressive. He always wants to be the center of attention, I'm the opposite. Especially since the affairs. How can he see his behavior is tiring and he needs to stop being so selfish, and seeking attention, and to not be so impulsive. There is so much going on I can't even focus on just one thing.



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