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Q&A Should We Express What We Need From Each Other? Dec 9, 2020
Q&A What Can the Wayward Spouse Do to Help the Betrayed Find Acceptance and Healing? Dec 9, 2020
Q&A How Do You Know When Too Much Damage Has Occurred to Overcome? Dec 9, 2020
Q&A What is Objectification? Dec 1, 2020
Q&A Is Reconciliation Possible? Dec 1, 2020
Q&A How Does the Wayward Spouse Deal with the In-Then-Out Behavior of Their Spouse? Nov 24, 2020
Q&A How Much Pain Can One Take before They Break? Nov 24, 2020
Q&A How Do I Proceed with Recovery Work When the Betrayed Doesn't Want to Get Help? Nov 24, 2020
Q&A Will It Ever Be Possible to Be Friends with My Affair Partner Again? Nov 18, 2020
Q&A How Do I Know if My Husband Has Completely Detoxed From the Affair Partner? Nov 18, 2020
Q&A What Is the Census of Disclosing the Affair to the Affair Partner's Spouse? Nov 18, 2020
Q&A How Do I Remember Details of the Affair That I Seem to have Repressed? Nov 12, 2020
Q&A How Do I Address My Overwhelming Fear? Nov 12, 2020
Q&A How Do I Discern If or When It's Safe to Trust Him Again? Nov 12, 2020
Q&A What Can I Do about My Defensive Husband That Doesn't Follow through on His Commitments to the Marriage? Nov 12, 2020
Q&A What Do I Do about a Husband That Does Not Want to Work on Himself? Nov 12, 2020
Q&A How Do I Move on with My Wayward Husband? Nov 12, 2020
Q&A How Should the Betrayed Respond When the Wayward Spouse Lashes Out? Nov 12, 2020
Q&A What Should I Do as the Wayward Spouse When My Spouse Has a Breakdown? Nov 12, 2020
Q&A How Do We Safely Co-Parent with the Affair Partner When a Child Is Born as a Result of the Affair? Nov 12, 2020
Q&A How Can He Do All of This Good Recovery Work and Still Lie? Oct 29, 2020
Q&A Does This Program Offer Someone Who Can Sit with Us through the Disclosure Process? Oct 29, 2020
Q&A What Do You Do When There Is an outside Child the Same Age as Your Own from the Affair? Oct 29, 2020
Q&A How Do We Deal with Defensiveness? Oct 29, 2020
Q&A Is It Appropriate to Ask the Wayward Spouse to Take a Polygraph? Oct 29, 2020


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