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Q&A How Do We Create a Shared View of Our Relationship When We Have No Valid Timelines to Reference? Mar 10, 2022
Q&A Why Was It Easy for Him to Be Nice to Everyone but Me, His Wife? Mar 10, 2022
Q&A How Do I Emotionally Connect with Someone Who Treats Me This Way? Mar 10, 2022
Q&A How Long Does It Take for Desire for My Mate to Return after Severing Ties with My Affair Partners? Mar 10, 2022
Q&A How Long Should I Accept and Validate His Exaggerated Reactions as a Result of My Previously Reckless Behaviors? Feb 17, 2022
Q&A Do You Agree It’s Necessary to Re-Establish No Contact? Feb 17, 2022
Q&A Why Don’t I Respect My Husband? Feb 17, 2022
Q&A How Should I Go About Trying to Get to Ground Zero? Feb 17, 2022
Q&A How Do I Get past the Affair Partner Continually Sending Me Photos and Descriptive Dialog? Feb 17, 2022
Q&A What Do I Do When My Partner Is in Denial about His Infidelity? Feb 17, 2022
Q&A Should a Wayward Spouse Be Allowed to Have Friends of the Opposite Gender? Feb 17, 2022
Q&A How do I Heal? Feb 17, 2022
Q&A Is He Just Not Interested in Me or Did He Magically Figure Out How to Treat a Woman? Feb 17, 2022
Q&A When an Intrusive Thought Occurs, How Do I Know the Difference between Suppressing and Ignoring That Thought versus Not Giving It Any Airtime, Capturing It, and Redirecting My Thinking to Something Else? Feb 2, 2022
Q&A Am I Being Closed Minded? Feb 2, 2022
Q&A How Should I Deal With Characteristics That I Do Not Possess, Yet Seem to Have Been Sought after by My Spouse in the Affair Partners? Feb 2, 2022
Q&A What Do I Do to Protect My, and My Children’s, Heart? Feb 2, 2022
Q&A How Can I Get To a More Balanced Psyche? Feb 2, 2022
Q&A Is It Wrong to Feel a Sense of a Sexual Revolution, after His Affair? Feb 2, 2022
Q&A What Do We Do When We Both Cheated, If My Betrayal Was ‘Worse’ than His? Jan 18, 2022
Q&A Am I Choosing Closeness over Intimacy When I Don’t Let My Mate Know About Intrusive Thoughts When We Are Lovemaking? Jan 18, 2022
Q&A Will the Betrayed’s Irritability Ever Go Away? Jan 18, 2022
Q&A What Should We Tell the Kids If They Ask Why Dad Is Living in the Basement? Jan 18, 2022
Q&A How Can My Wife Believe That She Fulfilled Her Fantasy If She Also Says That’s Not Who She Truly Is? Jan 18, 2022
Q&A Is This Finally Enough to Divorce and End Recovery Work? Jan 18, 2022


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