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Q&A Does the Wayward Spouse Have a Right to Ask the Betrayed What Source They Are Using to Find Information about the Affair? Nov 28, 2023
Q&A Can You Help Me Understand Why My Partner Has Never Cried? Nov 28, 2023
Q&A What Is the Best Way to Keep Boundaries in a Situation Where the Affair Happens in a Tight Knit Community? Nov 28, 2023
Q&A How Do I Communicate Love, Compassion, and Empathy during the Discovery Process or Questioning? Nov 28, 2023
Q&A What Traits Should We Look For in an Accountability Partner? Nov 28, 2023
Q&A Are There Support Groups Specifically for Recovery from Both Infidelity and Alcoholism? Nov 28, 2023
Q&A What Is My Role in My Husband’s Healing Journey If He Has Been a Serial Cheater for Our Whole Dating & Marriage Relationship? Oct 23, 2023
Q&A How Do I Create Safety for Myself with an Addict That Is Not Seeking Out Help for Himself? Oct 23, 2023
Q&A How Do I Deal With My Sexual Addiction When Everything I’ve Tried Isn’t Working? Oct 23, 2023
Q&A How Can I Help My Mate Understand the Devastation I’m Experiencing Because of Them Giving Me An STD? Oct 23, 2023
Q&A How Do I Commit to This Marriage When I Promised Myself I’d Never Stay with Someone Who Cheated On Me? Oct 23, 2023
Q&A Are the Requests I’m Making to Feel Safe Unreasonable? Oct 23, 2023
Q&A Can You Address Ambivalence on Behalf of the Betrayed Spouse? Oct 23, 2023
Q&A Is It Reasonable for Me to Feel Unsafe When My Wife Is around the Affair Partner without Me? Oct 23, 2023
Q&A Is Minimal Contact the Right Thing to Do at This Moment? Sep 29, 2023
Q&A How Do I Get My Conflict-Avoidant Spouse to Do Anything? Sep 29, 2023
Q&A How Do I Heal from the Profound Pain Caused by My Unfaithful Spouse Treating Me with Disdain for So Long? Sep 29, 2023
Q&A Can My Wife Be In Limerence Twice with the Same Man or Is It Love? Sep 12, 2023
Q&A How Long until My Husband Will Stop Focusing On Himself and Start Showing Up for Me? Sep 12, 2023
Q&A Do I Have the Right to Know What My Spouse Is Doing to Monitor Me? Sep 12, 2023
Q&A How Can I Even Buckle Down and Finish EMS Online Knowing That Essentially I Was Discarded? Aug 15, 2023
Q&A What Would Be Best for His Healing and Our Reconciliation? Aug 15, 2023
Q&A How Do You Begin to Sift through the Wreckage after an Affair and Determine the Value of What Was Lost? Aug 15, 2023
Q&A What Is the Best Way to Set Boundaries in the Workplace? Aug 15, 2023
Q&A Is It Possible to Not Love or Miss Someone after a 3-Year Affair? Aug 15, 2023


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