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Q&A How Do We Cope with Differing Marriage Histories? Jul 19, 2017
Q&A Will EMS Online Help Him Overcome His Ambivalence? Jul 19, 2017
Q&A How Do We Move beyond 'Pretend Normal'? Jul 19, 2017
Q&A Should There Be Closure with the Affair Partner? Jul 19, 2017
Q&A What Do You Mean by 'My Mate Is Never My Problem. My Mate Only Reveals the Problem in Me'? Jul 19, 2017
Q&A With Multiple Discoveries over 2 Years, How Do I Know She's Told Me Everything? Jul 19, 2017
Q&A What Sort of Outcomes Do You See in Situations with Anger Like Ours? Jul 19, 2017
Q&A Is His Affair Too Big for Us to Overcome? Jul 19, 2017
Q&A How Do I Get past My Negative Self Image? Jul 12, 2017
Q&A Do We Revert Back to Our Old State Once the Threat Disappears? Jul 12, 2017
Q&A He Wants to Do the Bootcamp but I Don't. What Do We Do? Jul 12, 2017
Q&A How Can I Get My Wife to See Me in a More Positive Light? Jul 12, 2017
Q&A Is It Okay to Let the Affair Partner Know That I Forgive Her? Jul 12, 2017
Q&A Is It Therapeutic for People to Know about My Affair? Jul 12, 2017
Q&A Where Do I Go from Here? Jul 12, 2017
Q&A Is Asking Questions Abusive? Jul 12, 2017
Q&A How Do I Support Him When He Struggles to Be Safe for Us? Jul 12, 2017
Q&A How Can We Overcome past Promises of Leaving after Betrayal? Jul 12, 2017
Q&A Why Am I Struggling with the Length of the Affair? Jul 12, 2017
Q&A How Do We Handle Weddings? Jul 12, 2017
Q&A Will Marriage Therapy Work If the Unfaithful Spouse Doesn't Have to Discuss What Happened? Jul 12, 2017
Q&A How Do I Know If a Counselor Is a Good Fit? Jul 12, 2017
Q&A What Is a Reasonable Expectation When I Share a Wound with My Mate? Jul 5, 2017
Q&A Why Has New Information Been Such a Major Setback for Me? Jul 5, 2017
Q&A Is It Beneficial to Read My Mates Journaling during Hope for Healing? Jul 5, 2017


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