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Q&A Am I Looking at Forgiveness Wrong? Feb 28, 2017
Q&A What Do I Do Now? He's Still a Liar and Our Marriage Is a Fake. Feb 28, 2017
Q&A How Do I Get My Mate to Give Our Marriage a Chance? Feb 22, 2017
Q&A Will My Husband Ever Recommit to the Marriage? Feb 22, 2017
Q&A Can Pop Psychology Predict Our Compatibility? Feb 22, 2017
Q&A How Do I Get My Husband to Stop Focusing on My Past So He Will Work on His Addiction? Feb 22, 2017
Q&A How Do I Combat My Feelings toward the Unremorseful Affair Partner? Feb 22, 2017
Q&A Am I Sabotaging Our Relationship Because I'm Not Getting What I Want? Feb 15, 2017
Q&A What Therapy Would You Suggest for Us? Feb 15, 2017
Q&A How Do I Move Forward Feeling That I Don't Have the Truth? Feb 15, 2017
Q&A Could This Be the End? Feb 15, 2017
Q&A How Do I Handle the Abrupt Emotional Changes? Feb 15, 2017
Q&A Do You Think I'll Ever Feel Safe given These Circumstances? Feb 15, 2017
Q&A Where do I go from Here? I'm Hesitant to Attend EMS Weekend. Feb 8, 2017
Q&A How do I Release and Let Go of the Shame? Feb 8, 2017
Q&A What can I do to Deal with His Actions Toward Me? Feb 8, 2017
Q&A Can I Speak to the Affair Partner in this Situation? Feb 8, 2017
Q&A How can we Help Her Heal from Her Past Actions? Feb 8, 2017
Q&A Should I Stay for the Kids and Just Deal with His Online Struggles? Feb 8, 2017
Q&A What Should I Do as the Unfaithful When Triggers Arise? Feb 2, 2017
Q&A Do you Plan to Update the Married for Life Curriculum Soon? Feb 2, 2017
Q&A Thankful my Skeletons are All Out, But Where do I go from Here? Feb 2, 2017
Q&A How can I Change my Negative Thoughts Before Launching into Anger? Feb 2, 2017
Q&A How do Our Children and I Cope While Waiting for Him to Choose Us? Feb 2, 2017
Q&A How can a Betrayed Spouse Show Compassion for an Unempathetic Unfaithful Spouse? Jan 24, 2017


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