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Q&A Can My Deceitful and Unfaithful Spouse Really Change? May 24, 2017
Q&A What Do We Do during This Limbo? May 24, 2017
Q&A How Can I Encourage My Spouse to Engage in Healing Conversations? May 24, 2017
Q&A Am I Dealing with Accusatory Suffering? May 24, 2017
Q&A How Do I Deal with This Level of Detail? May 24, 2017
Q&A How Can I Share My Intrusive Thoughts without Him Feeling Shame? May 24, 2017
Q&A Is It Possible to Fall in Love Again with Your Mate after They Were Unfaithful? May 24, 2017
Q&A What Do You Recommend for Our Counseling Situation? May 24, 2017
Q&A What's Important to Process After His Infidelity? May 24, 2017
Q&A What Does His Excuse for the Affairs Truly Mean? May 24, 2017
Q&A What Do You Do When Ambivalence and Limerance Don't Cover It? May 24, 2017
Q&A How Can I Handle Intrusive Thoughts during Sex When I Can't Look at My Mate? May 17, 2017
Q&A My Spouse Is Stuck. How Can I Help Her Heal?” May 17, 2017
Q&A How Can I Help My Mate with Emotional Flooding When We're Sexual? May 17, 2017
Q&A Is It Okay for My Mate to Have Contact with My Affair Partner? May 17, 2017
Q&A Why Do I Feel Like I've Regressed to Where I Was 10 Years Ago? May 17, 2017
Q&A How Can We Handle the Embarrassment of People Knowing What My Spouse Did? May 17, 2017
Q&A Should I Have the Same Anger towards My Affair Partner That My Spouse Has? May 17, 2017
Q&A What Do You Mean By, "People with a Strong Moral Compass Are More Likely to Have an Affair"? May 17, 2017
Q&A Where Was My Husband's Self Respect during the Affair? May 17, 2017
Q&A Is It Normal for the Wayward Spouse to Admit Things at D-Day and Then Retract Them? May 17, 2017
Q&A Is It Common for a Couple Not See a Happy past and Want to Give Up? May 17, 2017
Q&A How Do We Move Forward If I Don't Remember 100% of the Affair Details? May 17, 2017
Q&A If He Didn't Love His Affair Partner, Why Was He Planning Their Anniversary? May 10, 2017
Q&A Is It Necessary to Confess My One Night Stand to My Unfaithful Spouse? May 10, 2017


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