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Q&A What Is Attacking Classified As? Feb 23, 2021
Q&A How I Can Move Forward and Get past the Feeling That I Don’t Have the Full Story? Feb 23, 2021
Q&A How Do We Move Forward When He’s Still Holding on to Resentment Towards Me and I’m the Betrayed? Feb 23, 2021
Q&A What More Can I Do to Become Safe for Her and Rebuild Our Relationship? Feb 11, 2021
Q&A How Do I Stop Feeling like My Husband Needs to Own up to the Affair to People in His Life? Feb 11, 2021
Q&A Am I Wrong to Demand Him to Quit His Job for My Own Healing? Feb 11, 2021
Q&A When Will I Stop Asking Questions? Jan 28, 2021
Q&A Is It Normal for an Unfaithful Spouse Get Upset Whenever Asked to Talk about the Inappropriate Behavior? Jan 28, 2021
Q&A Am I Abnormal for Struggling with Healing? Jan 28, 2021
Q&A What Are Your Thoughts on Reclaiming Things Associated with the Affair? Jan 28, 2021
Q&A How Can I Remain Supportive and Loving While Also Protecting Myself? Jan 28, 2021
Q&A How Do I Know What Is Too Much Information? Jan 28, 2021
Q&A Can You Help Me Better Understand the Three Stages of Love? Jan 28, 2021
Q&A How Do I Deal with the Conflict inside of Me? Jan 25, 2021
Q&A How Soon Is Too Soon to Let Yourself Forgive, Hope, and Rebuild? Jan 25, 2021
Q&A What Happens If I or Both My Husband and I Run into the Affair Partner in Public? Jan 25, 2021
Q&A Am I Wrong for Wanting to Know My Husband's Yellow-Light Behaviors? Jan 25, 2021
Q&A How Can I Get My Wife to Stop Seeing Her Affair Partner? Jan 14, 2021
Q&A What Type of Affair Does This Qualify As? Jan 14, 2021
Q&A Why Do I Still Feel like Its My Fault She Had a Affair? Is This Normal for Betrayed Men? Jan 14, 2021
Q&A What Else Can I Do to Prevent a Divorce or Retaliatory Affair? Jan 14, 2021
Q&A As a Betrayed Spouse, How Do I Work through My Humiliation? Jan 14, 2021
Q&A How Do I Get My Memories Pure and Special Again? Jan 14, 2021
Q&A Is It Possible to Delude Oneself into Believing an Affair Wasn’t Emotional as a Means of Self Protection? Jan 14, 2021
Q&A How Can I Help My Wife Feel Safe Again? Jan 14, 2021


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