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Q&A What Is the Best Way to Build Trust Around My Husband’s Actions and My Triggers? Jun 13, 2024
Q&A Is It Okay for the Unfaithful to Masturbate While I, the Betrayed, Can’t Be Intimate Right Now Because of Lack of Emotional Connection and a Lot of Hurt? Jun 13, 2024
Q&A How Do I Respond When the Betrayed Ridicules, Shames, and Slanders Me for What I Have Done? Jun 13, 2024
Q&A Will I Ever Accept His Reasons for the Affairs? Jun 13, 2024
Q&A Could You Give a Tangible Example of the Statement, ‘My Mate Is Never My Problem. My Mate Only Reveals the Problem in Me’? May 28, 2024
Q&A How Is It Helpful to Label Someone for the Rest of Their Life When They Have Changed Directions? May 14, 2024
Q&A Does My Mate Still Have Feelings for His Affair Partner? May 14, 2024
Q&A How Do I Know When My Husband is Safe Again? May 7, 2024
Q&A How Do You Walk Your Heart Through Acceptance? May 7, 2024
Q&A How Do I Address Her Readiness to Engage With Someone So Despicable Versus Her Resistance to Reconnect Intimately With Me? May 7, 2024
Q&A How Much Does Alcohol Play a Factor in a One Night Stand? Apr 25, 2024
Q&A What Do You Recommend for Support for Those Going through the Lonely and Brutal Unique Situation of a Divorce Post Affair? Apr 25, 2024
Q&A How Do I Cope With the Resurgence of Past Traumas Triggered by Such Betrayal? Apr 25, 2024
Q&A Every Time I Start to Feel Better, My Unfaithful Spouse Stops Putting in as Much Effort. How Can I Feel Safe When This Happens? Apr 25, 2024
Q&A How Do You Stop Thinking About and Forgive The Affair Partner? Apr 25, 2024
Q&A How Do I Do Everything Right at Every Moment for My Wife? Apr 25, 2024
Q&A How Do We Know if Our Cheating Spouse Is a Sex Addict, Has a Personality Disorder, or if It Is Something Else? Apr 25, 2024
Q&A How Do We Recover the Large Sum of Money the Affair Partner Borrowed From My Husband? Apr 25, 2024
Q&A Where Can I Find Help for My Mate’s Cognitive Issues Surrounding the Lessons and My Grief? Apr 25, 2024
Q&A Should My Husband Keep His Mother in His Life Given That She Actively Facilitated and Supported His Actions? Apr 25, 2024
Q&A How Do You Move Past Regret Into Acceptance? Apr 3, 2024
Q&A How Can I Be More Help to My Wayward Spouse Like He Has Been for Me? Apr 3, 2024
Q&A How Can We Overcome Arousal Issues Resulting From Disclosure? Apr 3, 2024
Q&A How Can One Move Forward Knowing and Feeling Like This? Apr 3, 2024
Q&A How Do I Deal with My Unfaithful Spouse’s Inability to Self-Reflect? Mar 19, 2024


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