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Sometimes there is something more you want to know as you work through your recovery. Every week we film Rick answering your questions and make his answers available to the Affair Recovery community. Details: Rick's next Expert Q
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Q&A How can a Betrayed Spouse Show Compassion for an Unempathetic Unfaithful Spouse? Jan 24, 2017
Q&A What is it that I'm Sacrificing as the Unfaithful Spouse? Jan 24, 2017
Q&A How do I Know if He is Serious About Reconciliation? Jan 24, 2017
Q&A How can I Move Past the Humiliation and Shame of Being Betrayed? Jan 24, 2017
Q&A How do we Respond to bad Dreams that Cause Triggers and Flooding? Jan 24, 2017
Q&A Is it Time to Move Forward so He Doesn't Hold me Back? Jan 24, 2017
Q&A I Want Sex but Not with my Spouse; Will a Separation Help? Jan 18, 2017
Q&A Can We Find Fresh Love Again? Jan 18, 2017
Q&A Would it be Best Overall if we Divorced so he Could Pursue his Affair Partner? Jan 18, 2017
Q&A How do we Start an Accountability Group? Jan 11, 2017
Q&A What can I do in the Mean Time to Change how I Feel? Jan 11, 2017
Q&A How can I Show my Wife I'm Trying to Learn Empathy? Jan 11, 2017
Q&A How do I Function Normally in the World when I'm Actually a Sex Addict? Jan 11, 2017
Q&A Is it my Fear or my Gut Causing me to Not Believe Him? Jan 11, 2017
Q&A How can the Betrayed Cope with the Continual Lying? Jan 11, 2017
Q&A How Can I Keep Getting Back Up? Jan 11, 2017
Q&A Am I Wrong to Use History to Confront Current Behaviors? Jan 11, 2017
Q&A After his Affair, he Changed and now does Everything Right. Why do I Feel so Empty? Jan 11, 2017
Q&A Why Did I Have an Affair? Was I My True Self During My Affair? Jan 11, 2017
Q&A If I Don't Believe I Have the Truth about the Affair, is there any Hope? Jan 11, 2017
Q&A I want Recovery to Work, but Things Aren't Changing. Will it Get Better? Dec 16, 2016
Q&A There was Infidelity Prior to Marriage. How do we Best Prepare for Marriage? Dec 16, 2016
Q&A Are these Requests Appropriate for me to Ask for? Dec 16, 2016
Q&A What are the Options Available Without Full Disclosure? Dec 16, 2016
Q&A How do I Handle my Wife's Lack of Empathy? Dec 16, 2016


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