Rick Reynolds, LCSW
by Rick Reynolds, LCSW
Founder & President, Affair Recovery

Betrayal- The Consequences and The True Definition of Love

As a young man I loved Easter, but probably not for normal reasons. I’m afraid my mom never really grew up. There was nothing she loved better than watching her kids hunt Easter eggs. This began to present a problem however as we grew older. The thought of running around carrying Easter baskets while mom was filming seemed a bit absurd at the age of 25. Mom, however, insisted it was a tradition and traditions should never be broken. Thankfully the problem was solved by age 26 when mom figur…
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Hi Rick, We were, I thought on the path to reconciliation until just after Easter,She came to me the Thursday after and said I am done lets separate. I don't know what caused her to have the decision but an very bad argument a couple of weeks before that really had her shaken up and a few weeks before she had been contemplating suicide. These two things made her feel as if she just couldn't go on it drained her and was taking away all her energy and happiness. The two weeks in between were good as could be expected we still have arguments over house things but not affair related. So trying to reconcile at least I am she wants to go back to the AP. She changed all passwords and is leading the private life that i cannot monitor. We have been in CC and we are now talking co-parenting and divorce is what she says she wants to pursue. So I had my wife read this passage and it was going well until the parenthesis of Penance. So her comment made me reread this. I think she was looking as it saying no amount of punishment can be given that isn't deserved. I read it as just no matter what they do it cant be taken back. What is your closer examination of what you wrote trying to convey?

What type of affair was it?

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