Rick Reynolds, LCSW
by Rick Reynolds, LCSW
Founder & President, Affair Recovery

Is It Normal?

When clients sit down in my office or at our EMS Weekend Intensives, I know they're looking for someone to make sense of the carnage they are walking through. The hopelessness in their voice is palpable, and their frustration is evident.

Part of why we do what we do is to help those in crisis find some semblance of normalcy, hope, and answers.

The amount of wrong information and bad advice out there for couples in crisis due to infidelity or addiction is not only frustrating but alarming. From inaccurate information to oversimplified steps to heal, a couple or individual can feel as though they are lost in the middle of a barren desert, following a map that leads to nowhere.

Those who participate in any of our Online Courses or EMS Intensives are provided with access to our members-only, private Q&A. Here, our members can post questions that either I or one of our therapists will answer via video response.

It has become an incredible source of hope and comfort for those looking to heal.

Today, I've shared three of these video responses to help you know more about what to expect during this tumultuous process.

It's normal for a spouse to struggle with having any feelings for their spouse after disclosure. While it can seem overwhelming to process this new reality, I share more about how to overcome this roadblock and find a pathway to clarity.

Leslie Hardie is co-author of Harboring Hope for the betrayed spouse and one of the finest therapists you'll find in the country. She's an authority in the world of infidelity, and today, you'll hear from her more about how the unfaithful spouse mourns their own losses.

Whether or not the unfaithful spouse still has feelings for their affair partner is one of the most common questions we receive. In this video, I share more about this topic and offer hope for those who are struggling to make sense of these feelings.

While I know it's easy to feel alone throughout all of this, my staff and I continue to strive to provide communities and resources that are safe for both spouses. I hope you'll find hope, healing, and practical, expert insight into your situation.

If you are looking for even more support, I would encourage you to consider attending one of our upcoming virtual EMS Weekends. You won't find a more life-changing weekend experience. Take it from one of our most recent attendees:

"I entered into the EMS weekend hoping for clarity, direction, encouragement and a safe place to address the infidelity that occurred in our marriage. I experienced that and more. My husband and I connected on a level we haven’t connected on during our ten years of marriage. We connected with others in the same or similar places of struggle. We gained immense insight about the road to recovery as well as for our marriage in and of itself. We are both unified in how to move ahead, and regained hope during the EMS weekend."

- EMSW Participant

To Healing,

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Feeling Nothing

I just felt the need to comment on the feeling nothing video above. This feeling of numbness was the biggest gift for me. Once I was able to no longer feel anything towards my spouse, I was able to leave. It took a lot of suffering and a lot of lies but finally when numbness came, I felt it was a gift. Both the gift of numbness and the gift of forgiveness was given to me after five years of pain. I can see the light now.

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