Q&A How do I Start to Trust Again?

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My husband was unfaithful for over 2 years. During this time he was traveling overseas and I was having serious medical issues and hospitalized for a long period of time over this 2 year period. My day of discovery happened while I was a patient in the hospital and we were able to attend an EMS weekend 2 years later. I feel that I have lost so much time due to my health and his time "having his affair" and I am having such a long, delayed grieving of the marriage and infidelity while my husband has moved on. I feel stuck in unforgiveness and am overwhelmed with the sadness and pain of the betrayal. How do I move towards forgiveness and trust once again when I am still feeling so very broken and hurt and wanting to talk about the affair at times and my spouse has unloaded his guilt and has moved on. I am committed to our marriage and it's healing but need some specific steps to follow.



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