Q&A Is Relapse Inevitable?

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We are doing EMS Online and are on chapter 10, relapse prevention. This chapter almost made me give up on our marriage. It seems that relapse is inevitable. I cannot, will not, go through this again. How can I ever feel safe when I'm constantly worried about the next affair? How can I move on when I can't get out of my head that my husband's AP was the complete opposite of everything he stood for? He was willing to give up his wife, his marriage, his family, his morals, his values and everything he believed in for sex. Sex! How can I possibly wrap my brain around that betrayal?



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I am struggling with the lies. I believe that he is still lying just to return to a place of safety with me. This is what he did before and then he just went more underground and started a new affair. How can I ever really know him or trust him?

What type of affair was it?

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