Q&A Is This Gaslighting? If So, How Do I Respond?

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I am in Harboring Hope and my husband did a full disclosure with polygraph a little more than a year ago. He is in recovery, attending three SAA meetings a week, attending a weekly men's group, and he is committed to recovery. In many ways he is a changed man and I am feeling very positive about the changes. Last night we were at a movie and one of the previews was about a boss apparently sexually assaulting job candidates. My husband leaned over and asked me whether this could possibly happen in this day and age. I replied "yes, I do". Leslie and John, my husband had inappropriate relationships on the job and could have been fired over the years. For him to ask me this question shocked me and I plan to talk to him further about it. I make up that he is gaslighting me to agree with something I do not believe or that he is in denial. What are your thoughts about what he asked me?



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