Q&A How Do I Handle a Relapse in the Middle of Recovery?

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My discovery day was 3 years ago. We have had 2 professional disclosures and continue to have drip feeding of past behaviors. My husband has also been diagnosed as a sex addict and has been in treatment through a therapist and celebrate recovery. Last week, I came across a porn picture he had pulled up on Amazon. I tried to remain calm when confronting him. Within a 15 minute time frame, he gave me 3 different stories; the last one was most likely the closest to the truth. Trust and safety has gone back to zero. Boundaries have been broken. We have covenant eyes on all devices but it didn’t pick this up on the report. He has also had multiple affairs with co-workers over our 20 year marriage. He is currently taking Hope for Healing. I am absolutely devastated and broken hearted. He says he loves me and wants to be married to me. In the Bible it says to look at another, lustfully, has committed adultery. We have been to therapists for the past 2 1/2 years. Is it normal to have “slips”? How do I pick up the pieces of my heart, once again? Is this a glimpse into the rest of our marriage?



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