Q&A How Do I Move Forward?

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My husband struggled with porn but I did not discover this until premarital counseling. He was unfaithful for two years of our dating relationship with a coworker. Eighteen months into our marriage he began cheating with another coworker and also had a one night stand with someone else. D-Day was May 2018. I took my now 4 month old and left him that same day. I moved out completely and so we are separated. I was sharing with him the “types of affairs” in the HH workbook because I believe he is sex addicted but he does not. He won’t utilize the website as he does not believe it is “Christ Centered.” He asks questions like, “Can God heal you without assistance from a program or manmade program?” When I try to gather explanations to WHY he cannot be faithful to me, he generalizes it by saying that it was “sin” and “seeking things outside of Christ.” It just feels like he isn’t taking ownership of his actions and is undermining my pain and healing process. I’ve really had it with him and maybe this doesn’t matter because I’m not interested in saving the marriage anyway. He was emotionally abusive, manipulative, not a good husband, and narcissistic. I’m young and I’d prefer to divorce and date others but I’m giving it a year to decide. It frustrates me to the core especially because HH and AR have been so incredibly helpful to me and I believe it’s a gift from God. What do I do? What are your thoughts?



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