Q&A How do I Move Past Knowing that My Wife Shared our Marital Bed with Another Man and he Shared His with Her?

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What does it mean when your wife brings the affair partner into your home and the married affair partner brings your wife into his home and into his marital bed? My wife of 20 years married and 10 years living together had an 18 month affair. They used to meet mainly on his lunchtime in parking lots a couple days a week. She then told me on 6 occasions he brought her over his house and she ended up having sex in his marital bed. He asked her if he can come over to her house and she agreed but told me she kept him out of our bedroom and stayed in the living room on the couch 3 times. Upon disclosure she said there were 3 other encounters prior to our marriage one of which she brought the guy back to our apartment and into our bed. Besides all the infidelity, what could possibly make a person go into someone else's marital bed and bring the AP and affair into the home you are raising your family. She admits to having a problem and is in Hope for Healing. She says she has been completely honest with me because she wants to get better and reconcile the marriage. I kind of believe her because she went back 30 years and told me things she didn't have too but I am having a hard time with her willing to have sex in someone else's marital bed and in our home.



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