Q&A How does one achieve closure from a marriage?

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My husband and I are about a month away from mediation. We've been married for 29 years. He had the affair, he filed for divorce, he's withheld information, lied, and continues with the affair partner. I have a lot of support; I have a great relationship with our 4 kids and receive a lot of love and compassion from them as well as from family and friends.

Besides therapy, prayer and acceptance (which I seem to be unable to achieve), is there anything else I can do to help myself along in the healing process to come to terms with what has occurred as something I simply can't change nor control? I believe it but I don't feel it. My thinking is rational but my emotions are quite irrational. : (



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Achieve Closure

I'm sorry this has happened to you. This is also my story. D-day was July 15th 2018. We will be married 33 years in May. UH filed for divorce this week cut and dry I sign or hire a lawyer and possibly pay him alimony and half of my retirement funds. That's not happening. He is being fair dividing what we have. I struggle finding closure for having to walk away from my best friend. Excepting what has happened, letting go of the past is painful. This spring I'm building a land scape feature with rocks I have collected from family vacations in the Ozarks. Each rock will symbolize a loss. My list seems never ending. My hope for you that this helps. 3heartskelly

How are you now?

I am just beginning this journey, after 28 years of marriage. I cry all the time, and it hurts so much. He's been my everything for 3 decades. I don't know how to move on and accept that it's over. How does it look a year later? Are you doing much better?

What type of affair was it?

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