Q&A How Much Initiation Should the Unfaithful Spouse Be Responsible for in the Healing Process?

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It's been 6 months since I found out about my husband's affair. I have had to baby step us through the recovery process from day 1. If I don't initiate the process (for anything, EMS, therapy, whatever), he won't do any recovery work. This, to me is a form of rejection and lack of care of me...again. And, it makes me extremely angry, but I can't show that anger because my husband then calls me controlling. But, if I don't 'control the process' he will not do anything regarding our recovery. It makes me want to run for the hills. I've NEVER quit anything in my life but this is becoming too much. How much initiation should the unfaithful spouse be responsible for in the healing process? Although I am trying to be positive about his participation, I believe showing up is not enough. Any guidance or suggestions are appreciated. Thank you.



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