Q&A What Do I Do When There Are No Actions behind the Words?

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We are 10 months from D-Day and have been separated since discovery. We did the EMS Weekend and Beyond EMS. My husband had a five year affair and still shows little remorse and zero empathy and admits himself he has none. He doesn't apologize or help when I face triggers or cry. He sits emotionless and says there is no love there. He says he is too tired to do anymore recovery and that Affair Recovery doesn't work or relate to him. He feels everyone is fake. I have given him grace the entire time, shown love, and have forgiven him. I have allowed him to spend lots of time with us, meals together, making out, a few dates. I do not treat him badly at all and speak my truth in love. I finally had to set boundaries as to limit this time together as this is not helping him. I soon start Harboring Hope and have told him it is up to him if he wants to get help. It kills me that he continues to treat me this way when I have given this my all. I cannot take any more of his emotional abuse and shaming me. I now question whether the AP is still in the picture or what other lies are lingering. I keep resetting my date to give him more time. He has said he wants this marriage but shows no action behind the words. When do I say enough?



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