Q&A Is There a Better Way to Explain My Pain to My Mate?

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We are 9 months from D-Day and have finished EMSO, Harboring Hope, and Hope for Healing. We are in a much better place but pictures and home videos from the time period of his affair are still hard to look at for me. Videos are much more triggering as some of them have the AP in them. I have packed them away for the time being in hopes that the pain will fade or I will come across a way to edit the AP out of them without destroying the integrity of our home videos. My question is; how do I explain to my unfaithful husband why these pictures still cause hurt? He sees them as the "good moments" of our life during that time and he doesn't understand why I only see the "lies behind his smile". Is there a better way to explain why photographs can be so triggering so he can better understand why it is about much more than just a "happy moment" for me right now while I heal?



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