Q&A What More Can Be Done to Save My Marriage?

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My husband has had an on again off again affair with a work colleague. After the first time was acknowledged 4 years ago we renewed our vows and moved forward. Soon after his brother age 59 died and an argument caused my husband to separate and lose communication with his family. Then his mom who he had not spoken to died 2 years later. His job is also at risk due to reorganization. He has now returned to his affair partner who divorced her husband. He moved out 7 months ago and has filed for divorce. We have been together 40 years. He has said he still loves me and always will. I think the shame of his behavior and repeat affairs make him think there is no hope. But I still love my husband and feel we can salvage our marriage before it is too late. I am working on my own recovery but what more can be done to save my marriage?



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