Q&A Am I Being Overly Sensitive about My Mate's Views towards the Affair Partner?

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My husband is recovering from infidelities stemming back almost our whole marriage of 15 years. The latest affair was physical and emotional for about 1.5 years. We are 18 months out from the first D-Day, 11 months from the last D-Day and last contact with the affair partner. I am struggling with how my husband first described the affair partner to me and all the qualities he loved about her in the early limerent days. I ask him now how he feels about her and he doesn't really say anything. He admits she is still attractive to him but won't say much else. I am struggling with the fact that he still might see the affair partner is his glowing light. We have been through EMSO and seem to be going forward but this is a struggle for me. Am I being overly sensitive?



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