Q&A Am I Wrong in My Understanding That This Is Financial Infidelity?

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We're in Week 4 of EMSO and my husband is starting to get it. He admitted that he has been financially unfaithful for the majority of the marriage by repeatedly maxing out credit cards and lying about his spending. This has been especially problematic because he's either avoided working or only worked part-time. When he moved out, one of the first things he did was purchase a sports car. It can't fit our family of five. He's very proud because he's modified it to be a Batmobile. It gets him noticed. He says that he's a local celebrity in it. For me, the car is a major trigger. It was one of the common interests that he shared with his affair partner. He used to drive around with her in it. She would always park her car cuddled up beside his at work. I also resent the car because he chooses to work only part time usually making just enough to cover the cost of his car payment, insurance and gas. I don't have access to his bank account. Essentially, he’s working to support his car leaving 100% of the financial burdens of supporting our household to me. This tells me that the car and the ego-boost that it provides is more important than supporting his family and helping me to provide for our needs. He doesn't see it. I didn't agree to buy it.



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