Q&A Are There any Interventions you Suggest?

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Rick, my wife and I have been married 15 years and the marriage has been fragile for a year due to work, kids and being disconnected. My wife went from talking about our future in July to there being no future in August. She completely disengaged, spent all her time with her phone and started staying with "friends" a night a week. She was dishonest about who a particular number was that she called and texted constantly, including late nights and early mornings when she had her overnights. It was an old boyfriend, and she finally admitted when I confronted her, that they are "just friends". I have confirmed with certainty the relationship has been physical and believe it started in July, yet she still denies everything. She filed for divorce in December, took our 6 year old son and moved in with her parents (same town where old boyfriend lives). I haven't technically had a D-day due to her dishonesty and I have limited ability to establish meaningful consequences with her already gone. Any interventions you suggest other than constant prayer, patience and focusing on my healing as best I can? The situation is devastating enough, but maddening when you know truth is out there and you can't get to it to fully understand what you're dealing with. Thanks.



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