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Hey Rick, My husband and I attended EMS and we have struggled since being back home. We have been doing beyond EMS, he is starting hope for healing next week and I'm starting harboring hope this month also. His last disclosure was 5 weeks ago. I don't trust him and can't believe things he says because there were so many years of deception. I was sexually abused as a kid and he throws up to me that I've always had trust issues and that I still do. He says I'm not trying to get any better. I tell him I am trying but he doesn't get just how deeply what he did has affected me. He says he's the one who's made the most changes and the most progress but I don't know the things he does while on the job to make things better for me to trust him (his infidelity was at work). I'm the one doing all the research and reading of self-help books to try to get better. I'm the one that found the affair recovery website. So I am desperately trying to find out what all I need to do to heal, and for us to heal. He says he's been faithful at least 5 yrs out of 31. And I'm supposed to celebrate that like it’s some kind of milestone. He has the worthy of her trust book on his phone (he reads when he thinks of it). Can u please offer us some hope?



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