Q&A He Wants to Do the Bootcamp but I Don't. What Do We Do?

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Hi Rick. Today is exactly 14 weeks since I learned about my husband's telephone affair (our daughter overheard him tell his girlfriend how much he loved her and more) with a woman he never met who lived in another state. The first several days were filled with one lie after another even as I was showing him the telephone bill. Despite individual and couples therapy, the following 3 months were filled with him retreating, deflecting and hiding. I immediately started reading, sending things to him and really wanted to aggressively work on recovery. Did I mention that our daughter was graduating high school and another getting married during this? (his timing was fantastic) I have simply reached a breaking point of exhaustion and am ready to move on with my life. He suddenly "has a plan" (your boot camp) and says he is ready to move forward to fix us. I simply don't have the mental or physical stamina to give anymore - and because of his behaviors, I've conditioned myself to prepare for further assault. What is most concerning to me is that my anger had escalated well beyond anything I thought possible. Help! Thank you!



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Thank you for taking and responding to my question!
I have and am willing to work - I did to Bootcamp with him - as a matter-of-fact, I've read each day's content at least three times along with supplemental material - I'm an information seeker by nature. I just feel like I'm doing it alone - as you accurately suggest. Your site has been an amazing resource to me and I can't thank you enough. I think HH is a good idea - I have been on the list for the next round to open up since I sent you the original note - I think it is coming up on the 19th. Thanks again!