Q&A How Can I Move past the Physical Part of the Infidelity?

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I’m the betrayed wife. We are 14 months past D-Day 1 and 10 months past D-Day 2. My husband has been unfaithful with four women and one was an emotional affair as well. After many discussions he has continually expressed how it was all just nonsense as far as the relationship went. The conversations and emotions with the AP weren’t very deep and most of it was pretty ridiculous and revolves around their time together at the gym. My husband is working very hard to not go back to the man he was. It has been hard to see how deceitful and selfish he was, but his hard work is helping us a lot. I don’t see the same guy anymore and I actually like this man. My question is what are some ways to move on past the physical parts of the infidelities? I get that the emotional parts were more fantasy than anything, but the sex was real and I can’t sugar coat that. I ran into the AP a week ago, and I felt complete disgust. Having to look at this woman and picture again what they did together is very difficult. It’s hard to live with the fact that he was so intimate with anyone else. Much less multiple women. Any insight on how to move past this hurdle would be great.



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