Q&A How Can I Rekindle the Love for My Mate If They Won't Cooperate?

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Hi Rick, d -day was August 2015. My wife went back into the affair April 2016 for two months, came  out in full limerence and we tried for three months to make it work at reconciliation. She was doing once a month counseling. I did get her to Joe Beams Workshop in June. She contacted him and was looking to divorce me. I read the email details in October 2016. But she contacted him a month and a half before that, he said no and she still wanted me to see a mediator. I have waited since November to get her to do low cost behaviors and failed. One of my sticking points has been answering all my questions. I gave the questions our therapist two weeks ago there are about ninety. She said she would not facilitate the asking of the questions as she feels this won't help me. Now I am stuck feeling highly resentful and angry and I don’t think i can fall in love again. I have no free access to email, cell and work phones and computer which she used heavily for her affair. So that doesn’t help either. I feel the affair is over but she has not shut the door on the AP. How do I get to the point where I can give the marriage the chance to rekindle the love?



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