Q&A Should I Separate my Finances?

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My husband moved out 5 months ago claiming to be unhappy. A little over a month ago he admitted to being in an affair. He filed for divorce in February but has not served me with papers. He still is unsure of what he wants, some days he wants a divorce and some days he just needs time to think and figure out what he wants. We still share a joint checking account; he makes quite a bit more than I do and his income pays majority of the bills. I have always handled the finances. We've been married 6 years - together for 10, and I have an 11 year old son from a previous relationship that looks to my husband as his dad. Two weeks ago he called and told me he would give me the weekend to decide if I would go to his attorney with him to sign the waiver and go over divorce paperwork or else he would have to serve me with papers. My response was that I needed time, time to process the information about the affair, and time to figure out how or if I can afford to stay in the house. I explained all the emotions that I'm going through and that I just needed time. I told him I would not contact him in any way, text, email or call. He just said okay. And I've held to that promise. My question is, should I begin putting my paycheck into a separate bank account, and slowly start moving bills over? I don't want him to get upset and stop paying everything before I have a plan, but I also need to look out for me and my son and our welfare. My thinking is that moving bills over slowly will give us time to adjust to him being gone.



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Check with an attorney in a lot of states if you can prove adultery he's on the hook for alimony which sounds cruel but iin the bottom line it's all about protecting you and your son and providing for him.

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