Q&A What do I do With Righteous Indignation?

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Righteous Indignation.

As the hurt spouse, what do I do with righteous indignation?

Every time I even ask a question about his affair(s), I don't get remorse, I get a kind of righteous indignation....how dare you ask me. He has never admitted to having an affair although I do know, from my own discovery, that he was planning and taking actions to have an affair with three different women. He has admitted to "thinking about having affairs", but I know it went farther than that. He has failed a lie detector test.

When I get the "how dare you ask me" response what do I say to him?

In addition there is a background of domestic abuse....and actually I see the affair(s) as just an extension of the abuse. He has made changes and wants to stay in the marriage......I am just not sure I want to. We are just beginning an EMS online program.



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