Q&A How Do I Show Empathy for My Spouse?

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I am really struggling with understanding and showing empath after my affair. It's not that I don't understand why he is upset I just can't respond properly to him. I think it's do to my history I was sexually abused as a child and in my previous marriage I was physically and mentally abused and he cheated on me. I didn't have these same feelings as I am dealing with from my partner now. I was upset he cheated but I just got over. It wasn't this big deal. I want to give him what he needs to heal but don't know how to.



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I am in your program

I am in your program


this is almost an exact mirror image of my situation and I waited for the answer only to hear to enroll in the EMS online. We can't afford that course. I wish I could find the answers to help us heal from this before its too late.