Q&A How do You Know When You Have Worked Through the Pain?

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I was just winding why Rick's wife does not appear to be active in this program. All the EMS Online mentor videos have the husband and wife together. I would love to hear from her how she dealt with triggers, emotions, finding forgiveness, and all the other things that the hurt spouses have to endure. How long did it take for her to recover and heal? At what point did she say okay I want to work through this and stay married?

Second question how do you know that you have completely worked through the pain? I thought I was well on my way, but this week having to prepare and tell our story caused a lot of hurt and anger to come back up. Not as bad as D-Day but very close.



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Thank you

Thank you for your work and for this program. I can't imagine trying to get through this on my own.