Q&A Is it Infidelity if we were Separated?

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My husband was in an exclusive relationship for at least 5 months while we were separated. The woman stayed at his house four nights a week, and the relationship was physical and emotional. I consider this an affair because he kept it a secret from his family and he was still a married man. He uses the excuse of us being separated. My struggle is that we were married for 30 years and then he commits to an exclusive relationship during the separation and process of a divorce. Now the woman is working where he works. Do I have a right to be upset over all of this? Is it all okay because we were separated at the time? Am I allowed to be a hurt spouse? How do I deal with her working where he works? I am really struggling with this and can't communicate openly because he continues to justify by saying we were separated at the time. He does admit it was wrong but always throws the "but we were separated and divorcing” in there. Any insight you can give is greatly appreciated.



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