Q&A Should we Divorce or is there Still a Chance of a Happy Ending After this Nightmare?

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Hi Rick, Married 19 years, D-day 17 months ago. My husband had 2 affairs with women overseas while traveling for work. These women were half our age and lovely. He fell in love with one of them during their 2 year, 5 star hotel affair. We've come a long way. Marriage counseling, individual counseling, Hope for Healing and Harboring Hope. I'm not triggered daily anymore and he is being safe. Work Holiday party last night, fancy hotel, lots of older men with younger women, huge trigger for me. He admitted that he still misses the high of the affairs. He loves me and our family. He regrets what he has done, but he didn't comfort me like my soulmate would have. He says that Hope for Healing made him realize that he can only manage his desire for these women and this lifestyle, not eliminate it. He said that we should divorce so he doesn't hurt me again. I don't think he will divorce me unless I say I want to. Do I take him at face value? Do we end our marriage and our children's family? I am lonely. During the darkest times, I believed that if we did the work, there was a happy ending at the end of this nightmare. Any advice appreciated.



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