Q&A Shouldn't My Mate Be More Empathetic by Now?

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I'm losing hope that my husband will ever get it, or be able to give me the empathy I need to heal. We are currently in Week 4 of EMS Online and we are 5 months from D-Day. In the early stages, I suffered from severe trauma and depression. I lost 15 pounds in a month, was diagnosed with PTSD, had panic attacks all day, and could barely work. I fought suicidal thoughts, and self harmed. I went on anti anxiety and anti depression medications. Things have improved, but I still cry every day, battle intrusive thoughts, and there still isn’t an hour that goes by that I don’t think about what has happened. Even if I’m not thinking about it, I feel it in my body. I work very hard on my own to process everything that has happened. I practice mindfulness, yoga, see a therapist, journal, and exercise daily. But my spouse does not understand why I still feel this way, and will say things like, "Are you just going to keep crying and whining about it", or "go call your father". He doesn’t seem to care or understand the level of trauma this has caused me, and that what would really help me heal is his empathy. If I point out that typical recovery can take up to 2 years, he just says that's their choice, and he's tired of hearing what the books say. I'm trying to trust the process, but shouldn't this be better by now?



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