Q&A What Are Some Next Steps for Us?

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We are 26 months past our first D-day, which was very incomplete, and 8 months from the final full revelation. We have done everything we know of to get back on track: EMSO, Harboring Hope, Hope for Healing, Retrouvaille, couples therapy and EMDR. We are currently doing Married for Life. It's quite a list, right? Despite everything we have done I feel increasingly disconnected from her. I do believe my wife is remorseful and probably won't do it again, but I still feel disgusted by what she did and don't trust her, and feel unsure if I really know who she is after all the hurtful things she could do to our family. I do intend to give it another year as I hope to keep our family intact, but I am concerned that things aren't going in the right direction and don't know how best to use this time. Any advice on next steps in our situation?



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