Q&A What Can I Do to Heal from the Massive Anxiety I Am Now Facing?

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My husband and I went to the Weekend EMS this summer where significant healing took place. The problem is that since then there have been many more D-Days with further information that was not disclosed and was in fact lied about. The worst of which I just found out a few days ago when I discovered a video of my husband and his AP having sex in our bedroom. I knew that it had happened in our house but had been told and believed for the most part that the bedroom had not been involved. So my question is two-fold... 1) Is this considered "normal" that it would take 9 months for the truth to be fully told? 2) What in the world can I do to deal with the massive anxiety I am now facing every time I step foot in our bedroom? He has agreed to sell and move, but this will take some time. What can I do in the meantime?



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Thank you Rick!

Thank you Rick!

A follow up question would be

A follow up question would be, is this an indication that he will be more likely to relapse since he isn't choosing honesty about our past?