Q&A What Do I Do When My Husband Won't Stick to the Agreement?

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We are on the first week of EMS Online. I’m still very hurt, super angry, and feel rage. I checked my husbands computer as he is using mine and I am using his. While using his computer I found explicit sites on his tool bar. I texted him about it, his involvement, and uses. He came into the bedroom super angry asking, “Why are you doing this to us?”. He asked me to stop doing this and get over it, repeatedly while pinning me down. What am I to do when he isn't abiding by the guidelines he agreed to before the EMS group started? After only one week he wants me to get over it and I can't trust him at all. He agreed to not interact with possible other females, says he hasn't been on this site in a year but its still active, and shows an active history but he denies it. What do I do? Ignore everything agreed on? Let him continue? Believe him? I can't do this and it isn't working. He still has nobody he is accountable to.



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