Q&A What is Reasonable to Expect in the 18-24 Month Timeline?

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What really changes in the 18-24 months during recovery. It's been 14 months since EMS and the anger the bitterness and rage is still very prevalent within our relationship my spouse an I both had affairs and my spouse feels that it would be easier not to deal with me(The Unfaithful/Betrayed) we have kids and I don't see how I'm helping her heal. I'm in several Recovery groups and see CSAT as well. where is the silver lining here



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I really appreciate this q &

I really appreciate this q & a. I feel like I've completely forgotten how to love and act in the best interest of another. I get wrapped up in feelings of rejection because my spouse doesn't seem to feel remorseful enough to tolerate my difficult emotions resulting from his affair. I made a decision to stop giving him the love and respect that I once gave regardless of his actions. He's quick to notice how unfairly he feels treated but unable to see how he might have contributed to the situation. Although I don't feel that he deserves love, I liked myself much better when I felt the ability or love.