Q&A What Should I Do If My Mate Is Struggling to Let Go of the Past?

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My wife and are in the middle of the EMSO course. We have made good progress through the course and my wife stopped texting her AP 3 months ago after a 6 month long emotional affair. I was surprised to recently find that my wife has kept an archive of the first 3 months of Facebook messages and a few photos from their relationship when they dated in college 20 years ago. As far as I know the last 3 months of their texts have been deleted. She laments that she did not keep any of the old letters that they had written each other before we were married. I know she is still struggling with feelings for her AP, yet she has told me that she is committed to our relationship. I think she feels that the pictures are part of her past and is strongly opposed to disposing of them. What is your advice for us as we try to take the right steps forward in our relationship with respect to these archived messages and old pictures?



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