Q&A When Do We Stop Looking for Details and Move Forward?

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Rick, I am the unfaithful partner. I have tried to disclose all of the details and events to my wife. Unfortunately, I can not remember all of the details that she is looking for. I have tried to explain the fog of sin I was in during my acting out. My wife continues to scour my emails for new info. When she finds new details out about an event that I have already disclosed to her, she says it is D Day all over again. We have had many D Days and it feels like can not move forward when she keeps looking looking to the past. At what point do we stop looking for new details and start focusing on moving forward and repairing our relationship and healing me?



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This is the wife of the unfaithful man who submitted this!

My husband showed me this video he posted. It is full of lies! We are 2 years past Dday 1 and I have been uncovering lie after lie after affair after affair! I am not looking for details I am looking for ground zero! We are in EMSO but he has lied continuously in that! I tried to post this to the questions but it was over the word limit. Since this post he has also admitted to prostitution use when I demanded he tell the truth. I don't believe this man can tell the truth! He did some sex addict testing at his therapists request and it came back on the edge of needing inpatient . He states he was instructed to answer how he had been at his worst. He claims he is not that way now but he hasn't gotten help. He is at a new therapist but has only seen him 4 times since July . This is not enough for a man that is this sick!

Is there any hope in my spouse?
It has been 2 years since my Dday 1. There have been many more and with each one he is adamant that is all of it! I still believe he is as "sick as his secrets" and he has many more!We started EMSO on 6/20 and I thought things were going well. During week two " your story" he said he felt so relieved that everything was out because he had been controlling the information before and now he wasn't. I discovered more evidence over the next few weeks about someone I had suspicions about since 11/2015 due to some findings. He continued to deny having a sexual affair but the evidence clearly pointed that way. He even manipulated me using content from week 4 on thoughts and feelings and told me I was going by a feeling. Unfortunately to date all my thoughts and feelings related to my findings have been true. I was finally able to get the truth out of him a couple of days ago and yes he had a sexual affair with her. He continues to lie and manipulate even when the evidence strongly suggests otherwise. He also continues to display a fake self. He is not in any 12 step programs. He was in sex addiction therapy last year for 5 months but was not honest and was still in an affair. He was not only betraying me but he was encouraging his affair partner to harass me like 2 kids on the playground . I cannot continue to tolerate his abuse. He is never able to even say sorry after these discoveries are made and made me have sex with him once after him disclosing another sexual affair. He is considering Hope For Healing but I believe he is sicker than what that has to offer. Is there any hope for this man?

What type of affair was it?

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