Q&A When Will I Begin to Love My Mate Again?

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My spouse and I are 16 months out from the original D-Day. I still have a lot of sadness over his infidelities. I also have a lot of joy in watching him become a better man. This is not a case where he was really sweet and derailed during an affair. I’m seeing now that he has been a very self serving person all along. So the change is great. I won’t lie and say that I’m not scared that this change isn’t permanent. Only time will tell. My question is, even with this change, I’m only feeling that I’m “in-like” with him at best and not “in-love”. When the triggers occur, even the feelings of “like” vanish and I feel sadness and disappointment. Is there a time frame for when the love feelings come back? I mean the type of love that a man and woman share, not just platonic. I had a loveless marriage before (unknowingly) I want more this time.



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