Q&A Why Is the Timeline of the Affair so Important to Me?

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My discovery day was 8 months ago. I have a lot of detail which has actually helped me heal but I don’t have a timeline. I don’t need exact dates just a more specific timeline like possibly the week. My partner can’t seem to remember enough to provide this to me and I have tried everything to jog his memory. I was offered copies of the text messages from the AP but refused them. I am now thinking of asking for them and handing them to my partner so I can get a timeline. I don’t know why this is so important to me but it is.



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Dont read them! No matter how prepared you think you are and no matter what part of the timeline it reveals it will hurt and it will give you more to overcome.
I read them all and it wasnt worth the gain of learning the timeline, it only incited questions that I wish I had never asked.