Q&A Will the Respect I Had for My Spouse Come Back over Time?

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I’m wondering if the respect I had for my spouse comes back over time? We are deep in recovery we’ve come a very long way but I realized I do not respect him nor do I find him honorable. I have not accepted yet nor have I been able to forgive. I caught my husband texting a woman in April 2015. I had suspected something was going on for a few months. I was ready to leave then, we were not in a good place. I don’t think I was willing or able to look at the rest of the signs. He swore it was over and he re-committed to our marriage. We really did have a rebuilding phase, only to have the other woman call me in June 2017 and tell me she just ended it she also disclosed that he had two other affairs. I understand why we worked really hard on that. I understand what was going on in our marriage that could lead him to have these affairs. He has worked really hard on changing his behavior and I see the work he’s doing too, but respect and feeling that he is an honorable person have not returned yet.



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