Rick Reynolds, LCSW
by Rick Reynolds, LCSW
Founder & President, Affair Recovery

Meet Rodney and Angela: A Journey Through EMS Online

When you’re trying to get your feet under you and cope with the pain of infidelity, there’s something powerful about hearing stories of those who’ve gone through what you’re going through. Some stories are worse. Some maybe aren’t as bad as yours. What’s also vital is hearing that they’ve made it through to the other side and can actually share with you what was, what is and what they believe will be. Here at Affairecovery.com we love and celebrate survival stories of all kinds. Today you’re in for a truly special one, filled with gracious vulnerability and raw courage.  

I hope you’ll take just about 5 minutes and listen to Rodney and Angela share their tumultuous but redemptive journey. We’re honored they would use our venue to provide such a humble yet brave story of recovery and restoration. 

You can register for our EMS Online course, which Rodney alludes to in the video.  You can register here.



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I believe nothing is

I believe nothing is impossible for God. That is why i am praying for God to deliver the love of my life from cheat. However how can i heal when he is still cheating. Infact am so devastated. What will i do? Only that am praying to God even the woman in question refused to leave my husband alone.


Thankyou - moved to tears. Thankyou for sharing with such honesty and humility. Gods work in you shines such hope into our shattered lives.

Encouraging story.

Thank you for sharing your lovely story with us. This story sounds much like mine and my husbands. I hope that I can get to the place you both are now. It seems so very far away.


I love the comment that you said "you may feel ashamed but don't stay ashamed". Great perspective because that most definitely defines the healing found through this mess.

Very beautiful thank you

Very beautiful thank you

Rodney and Angela

Thank you Rodney and Angela, we are 22 months from D-Day, much hurt and pain healed, but of course still some triggers. I so appreciate the hope there is in your story.

Wow! Powerful Testimony

Amazing and Encouraging thank you for sharing your story it has touched my heart.

Angela and Rodney

This is beautiful
Thank you for sharing honestly
I love it that you sing together
Blessings as you go forward from infidelity