Rick Reynolds, LCSW
by Rick Reynolds, LCSW
Founder & President, Affair Recovery

What Really Happens at EMS Weekend?

This weekend, 20 couples from all over the country will attend our in-person, EMS Weekend Intensive. I'd like to invite you to watch to Laverne and Lishcia's encouraging story of their own EMS Weekend and what it did for them.

As you can imagine, the uncertainty surrounding these 20 couples and their future together is probably at an all-time high. Yet, amidst the chaos and uncertainty, they've decided to give it a shot and see if there is any future together. Some would call it a "Hail Mary." Others, may call it a "last ditch effort." Call it whatever you'd like, but the fact is, it's a chance at new life through expert help from those who've walked through infidelity before personally, offering infidelity-specific solutions to heal the trauma of infidelity. With over 70 plus years of collective experience treating infidelity, you won't find a safer place in the United States for couples and individuals to heal.

Any given weekend we'll have participants where...

  • Some want to save the marriage and some aren't really quite sure at all.
  • Some spouses are still in the middle of their affair and some are not.
  • Some are addicted to pornography or escorts and the like, and some are not.
  • Some are two weeks in and some are two years in. In fact, some may be over 10 years into their journey of healing.

Every situation is uniquely different but all participants are in some level of crisis.

I wanted to give you an idea of what the first day will look like with a brief understanding of their schedule for just day one:


9:00am Introductions
9:40am Barriers to Recovery
11:00am How did we get here?


1:30pm Why Did Infidelity Take Place?
2:20pm Understanding Pretend Normal & Fears About Infidelity and Recovery
4:00pm Why Did Infidelity Take Place? (continued)
5:30pm Anger Management


6:30pm Mentor Couple Shares Their Story of Healing After Infidelity

As you can see, our weekends are crafted around the specifics of infidelity and how to heal, not general marital issues. We understand our clients need help at the granular level of the rebuilding process.

Below Stacey and Mark share their experience on the last day of their EMS Weekend before they even left the retreat.

I hope you too will give some thought to attending one of our EMS Weekend Intensives. If you'd like more information or to see if the weekend is right for your specific situation, please email info@hope-now.com.

If perhaps you're looking to start a little slower than the EMS Weekend our Free Seven Day Bootcamp would be a great start.




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I agree 100% with the testimony. EMS saved our marriage. We attended the EMS weekend 3 years ago next month and it was the last ditch effort. I was tired of the pain and the defensive behavior from my spouse who was still involved with his affair partner. Rick and his team put everything into a perspective that we could understand and begin to process. You felt so incredibly safe because all the other couples were in the same pain and everyone supported one another. I can not thank EMS enough for helping us to rebuild our marriage and ultimately save our family. The compassion for each and every person is truly empowering during a time of great need. Thank you!

New marriage

EMS saved our marriage. It was safe place to share with others and help us begin our healing process. Rick and his staff are very skilled and talented. This is a tremendous service to help couples through this painful process and we cannot thank them enough for saving our marriage. We have also continued with the weekly support group, Married For Life and have started our second marriage with excitement and hope. We continue to grow individually and have learn so much on what it takes to develop a great marriage.

Lodging Conditions and Cellphones

Are you able to provide insight into the lodging conditions? I understand that the location itself is private until you pay but some other marriage intensives show the room conditions and amenities on site. Is there a pool? Are you allowed to leave the site? Are cellphones allowed? Can you bring your own snacks?

Incredible weekend

As an unfaithful wife, I knew going into EMS weekend that I'd be in the minority of the attendees. But that also meant that my betrayed husband would be in the minority too. He already felt incredibly isolated before EMS since only a very small number of people in our life even knew what was happening with us. And I had quite a bit of uncertainty about how the weekend would go as well.

So how did it go! Wow....we were both shown grace, we were loved on, we learned so much and were challenged through the lectures and exercises, and grew in ways that we hadn't imagined possible. We also came away with a new group of friends who we continue to grow with and talk to on a daily basis. We've finished Beyond EMS together and have just launched into Married for Life. All five couples in our small group from EMS have chosen to continue on with this rocky, incredible journey. It means so much to be able to walk it with them.

Something else...we really loved getting to talk with the mentor couple who came and shared their story. There's a lot of hope in seeing someone who is a little further down the road in recovery, knowing that they are doing much more than just surviving, they are actually thriving. It's possible!

Ems week end

You are a rare couple ..I would like to know how and what made you decide on going to the ems week end . My wife of almost 28 years is still in her affair and I want to save our marriage . Ive ask her to do the boot camp , but so far she is still reluctant . I would love to know more about how you came to terms of making a decision to save your marriage .
Thank you

What type of affair was it?

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