Q&A Is EMS Online the Right Fit for Us?

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Rick, with the upcoming launch of the EMS Online 2nd Edition, I have a few questions about the course. It's been 14 months since D-Day of my husband's affair, and during that time we have worked with:

  1. A marriage therapist who got us through the very early trauma stage
  2. A marriage coach who counseled us through a number of phone calls as well as a 3 day intensive week-end (just the 3 of us)
  3. My current participation in Harboring Hope

No one outside of the two of us and these professionals know about our circumstances. I have now shared my story with my HH group but that occurred over a year after D-Day. My husband has only spoken to the coach and therapist (as well as countless conversations with me!!!!).

My questions are these:

  1. Are we too far along in the process for this course to provide maximum benefit to us?
  2. Although both of us have a belief in God, we have not nurtured a relationship with Him and wonder if the course will still have strong application for us.
  3. One of our biggest hurdles is communicating about the affair or other uncomfortable topics. Will this course assist us with safe and deeper communication?
  4. Is there any focus on framing this event so we can rewrite our history and both come to understand what it means?
  5. Does the course provide practical tools and tips for moving forward? It's nice to hear success stories from others but a tool kit would be very helpful.
  6. How do you match group participants? Do you look for commonalities or is it first come first served?
  7. What do you believe will be the biggest benefit that this course can offer?

Rick, I know the team at AR has a strong belief in the benefit of these courses but I want to make sure this particular course is the right fit for us. It is a big investment of time and we want to ensure this is the right place to put our efforts.

Looking forward to hearing your response.



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