Q&A What does Full Disclosure of an Affair Look Like Practically?


Is it me, the betrayed asking all the questions? Or is it the unfaithful coming forward and disclosing information on their own? My husband and I are stuck. He is frustrated and thinks I have the "gist" of what has happened and I am frustrated because I still have questions. Over 90% of what I know about his affair's has come from either me discovering it or me thinking of the question to ask him and I do do the 24 hour rule. I have gotten a lot of "I don't know" answers and have had a lot of lies told to me that I later found out the truth. Again, not because he told me the truth at first but because I didn't think something sounded right and I found out the truth and then questioned him on it. I want full disclosure and I do know that is not getting every single detail of everything but I want more than just the "gist" of what happened. But sometimes I feel so confused I don't even know what this "full disclosure" is.



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